iPhone 15 Pro Max review

Apple has once again managed to infuse allure into the very material of titanium, leaving me contemplating not just the sleekness of the iPhone 15 Pro Max but also the passage of time on my joints. Apple proudly proclaimed the use of the same titanium employed by NASA on the Mars rover for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, an impressive claim that resonates. However, my usual association with titanium involves hip or knee replacements, favored by surgeons for their low-corrosion, lightweight, and high-strength properties — attributes that now make perfect sense as the new frame material for the iPhone.

While individuals with titanium implants may never get to physically experience the metal, those who acquire the iPhone 15 Pro Max, as I did for testing, will encounter a device that is both smooth and solid. The brushed surface exudes a cool, not cold, sensation. Holding the 6.7-inch iPhone 15 Pro Max is a markedly distinct experience compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 14 Pro Max; it feels lighter, and the titanium imparts a slightly warmer touch than the polished steel of the prior model.

The frame, however, is not the sole contributor to this transformation; Apple has subtly altered the design by removing just enough metal to introduce contoured edges all around. This seemingly minor adjustment has a significant impact, fundamentally altering the tactile experience of holding the phone.

Moving to the frame, one of the most welcome and practical changes is Apple’s retirement of the silence/ring button. What was once a rather mundane analog feature has now evolved into a sleek, customizable button capable of serving a multitude of functions.

A noteworthy change for many iPhone enthusiasts is the replacement of the Lightning port with a USB-C port. While this shift may cause some frustration due to rendered cords, the operation of the phone remains unaffected. Apple does provide a woven USB-C-to-USB-C cable, softening the blow of parting with the familiar old port.

If the external alterations were the only differentiators, the iPhone 15 Pro Max might be deemed a disappointment. However, it stands out as a significantly more potent device than its predecessor, featuring Apple’s new A17 Pro silicon. This innovation brings console-quality gaming to the iPhone, marking a first in the line’s history. Despite the fact that console games like Resident Evil: Village were not originally designed for a 6.7-inch display, the high-definition Super Retina XDR OLED panel benefits from the slimmest iPhone bezels to date.

While the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s triple-camera array may seem unchanged from its predecessor, there are both internal and external upgrades that contribute to one of the most exceptional photography experiences available on any phone.

Although Apple appears to have retained the same 48MP primary camera sensor as in the previous year’s Pro Max, it has essentially reconstructed its image processing pipeline. Introducing a new 24MP default image size that cleverly combines 12MP of pixel-binned image data with full-sensor 48MP information results in images that are, in most instances, true-to-life (with a minor tendency to over-blue the sky).

The new camera setup offers enhanced versatility. Shooting in portrait mode is no longer a decision to be made in the moment; if the iPhone 15 Pro Max can read depth information, it captures all the necessary details to convert a photo to portrait mode and select the focus subject post-shoot.

While the maximum optical zoom on the iPhone 15 Pro Max is capped at 5x, disappointing those hoping for 10x optical zoom, it competes remarkably well with its peers. Apple’s excellent image quality at the extended focal length rivals and occasionally surpasses other leading smartphones with higher zoom ranges.

The synergy of the new 3nm chipset, a display capable of reducing power consumption to 1Hz, and intelligent power management contributes to excellent full-day-plus battery life. However, individual experiences may vary based on usage.

In summary, the iPhone 15 Pro Max stands out as my favorite iPhone to date. Despite typically favoring smaller iPhones, the lighter and slightly smaller form factor, coupled with the new contoured edges, provides a comfortable feel in hand. Combined with outstanding photography, swift performance, and seemingly boundless potential, the iPhone 15 Pro Max confidently secures its place at or near the top of the best phone list.

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